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‘This above all: to thine own self be true

And it must follow, as the night the day

Thou canst not then be false to any man’ — from Hamlet by Shakespeare.

The stirring quote above begs the question, what is the self?

Many in our time as in times past have taught that the self is a creature ultimately of fate. Though our zeitgeist views religious language with disfavor, the same concept of fate is now called by many names in a sort of fatalistic pantheon. Some of the more popular deities are evolution, economics, or culture. These it…

If their minds get any more broad they can use them for an ass-wipe.

With the rise of the Social Media phenomena many previously unthinkable dialogues are becoming more frequent. This interconnection is not always beautiful, constructive, or sincere — but when it is it is a wonderful thing. I would like to write now about one such time.

In 2015 the Syfy Network aired the first episode of The Expanse based on a series of the same name written by James S.A. Corey (the pen-name of duo Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck) and produced by Alcon Entertainment.

By 2018 Syfy decided to the cancel the show. Despite the strong following and ratings on…

Two months and I haven’t written a thing. I suppose that is all to the good, in the sense that — to the extent one has something useful to say — one should set the thoughts loose like an arrow. Balancing need for an appropriate vehicle for the message against the necessity of using a vehicle the author of the message has sufficient knowledge of to use. And even more perplexingly what the audience will find intriguing, or better yet comprehensible.

In a way being on medium and sites like it is as close to being a ‘street performer’ as…

Pablo Picasso (1881–1973) was a prolific artist, who is now synonymous with evocative portrayals of humanity. A measure of how larger than life his impact has been is how his surname is a household one. Embraced by pop-culture it even earned a homage in the 1995 Disney-Pixar classic Toy Story.

For my part I consider him a genius — not because I agree with the message his work contains, but rather in that I recognize he threw himself into making the forms he used to communicate his message, consistent with the nature of the message itself.

Looking at one of…

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Music is like looking through a keyhole. So what is it that we’re looking at?

When I think of music, one of the more poignant exchanges happened during a late night liaison via tinder — mhm — with a composer.

I asked whether or not they believed in love. They responded that no, they did not believe in it.


Weighing that statement in my mind now, I shudder at the ignorance of that idea. Even allowing for the inevitable dissonance that a word like ‘love’ inspires in people that have had unique experiences with it — how can someone…

On the morning of January 28, 1986 the Space Shuttle Challenger broke apart, seventy three seconds into its tenth flight off the coast of Florida. All seven of the crew aboard were killed. Among them a young 37 year old schoolteacher named Christa McAuliffe. A native of Concord N.H., who had joined NASA to teach lessons from space to children across the country in order to sustain and enhance public interest in the Space Shuttle Program and STEM careers.

Christa McAuliffe training in a weightless environment from Wikipedia Commons

It had been unseasonably cold that morning, so much so that a thick sheet of ice had gathered on the Launchpad…

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She let the words rasp against her throat as they came out. This would be the last song of the night. A hush had fallen over the murky bar lit only from the light of neon and the reddish orange of cigarette tips as her fingers worked the strings of the guitar resting on her leather clad thigh.

Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly…

The song kept coming and she poured herself into it — all the warmth she held inside when she walked home on cold nights down dark and quiet streets with nothing but the echo of her…

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‘…I get the feeling I “evacuated” 30,000 Jews already by shooting them, at Riga. Is what I did “evacuation”? When they fell, were they “evacuated”? There are another 20,000, at least, awaiting similar “evacuation”. I just think it is helpful to know what words mean, with all respect…’ — Rudolph Lange as portrayed by Barnaby Kay in the 2001 film Conspiracy

Words have meaning. The meaning of the words we use sometime change. Sometimes the change is so gradual as to be nigh imperceptible, other times as in the introductory quotation given above, very bad ideas can be couched in…

It was a strange land when in 1891 thirty-eight year old Fausto Zonaro traveled together with his lover to Istanbul. The capitol city of an empire which in those years controlled lands from the Mediterranean shores of North Africa to the Gulf of Aden, abutted Persia, and continued on sustained by victorious armies through the centuries into European lands between the Adriatic and Black Seas since the fall of Constantinople in 1453 A.D.

The Gates of Constantinople by Fausto Zonaro from Wikipeida Commons

As the city stood between Europe and Asia — numbering among its inhabitants Turks and Greeks, Armenians and Kurds, Arabs and Italians — like Zonaro himself. It…


Lolcat in residence.

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